Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Hallowed Night

Our tainted nature's solitary boast.
                             William Wordsworth

                                                   One Hallowed Night

                                          The angels flit from star to star
                                                 To turn the night lights on;
                                          While far below they cast their glow
                                                 On love's own Paragon.
                                          The Virgin Mother kneels in prayer
                                                Her God is now her Son,
                                          And as she draws Him to her breast,
                                                Her heaven and earth are One.                        
                                     Merry Christmas, everyone     And for those of you, my friends, who do not share my faith, I hope that your holidays, too, will be filled with Light and Peace. Shalom.



  1. Hi! So glad you came to visit yesterday. I love this post. What a beautiful job you did with this. :) I will be following back.

  2. you're very welcome! The next part will be up in the morning. Glad you don't think I'm a big meanie. haha

  3. Thanks for swinging by and reading 3 of my post! Holy cow I'm flattered! No worries I pulled my head out yesterday and am feeling much better about things. I'm back to my regular goofy posting! Thanks for the encouragement!